The 2017 Women and Business Conference is right around the corner. Located in Salt Lake City, the Women and Business Conference celebrates the brave and bold women of this world. This conference includes many events like luncheons and inspiring keynote speakers. There will also be an awards ceremony that has celebrated women from all around the world. 

BeeDynamic wants to join you at this conference to help commend the bold women in the business industry. BeeDynamic is a full service agency and new workforce consultancy that is built from the best creative community. They pride themselves in building an ongoing relationship with their clients and customers through integrity, visibility, and a commitment to results. Some of their specialties include exposure marketing, experiential marketing, recruitment solutions, and many more. They have mastered the art of team building and management. The reason they call themselves “Dynamic” is because of their diverse core team. Together, they lock-in customer engagement, and deliver maximum impact and efficiency to their clients. 

The fast paced environment of Salt Lake City, UT provides them with the perfect workspace for their company, and also their clients. Through this, they are able to optimize for strategic planning and project management that includes street marketing and retail marketing events. 

The doors at BeeDynamic are always open. They uphold their competitive standpoint in the market place by welcoming everyone in the community. By creating a diverse work environment, creativity is always flowing at their company. They cannot wait to celebrate the powerful women in the community. The Women and Business Conference will be held on November 15th.